What the Audience is Saying

“Kelly&Ellis made me feel like I was a part of the show.” 

“Their material was original and authentic, as was their connection to the audience.” 

“They brought a lot of warmth and musical prowess to the stage. It made the music so easy to listen to. I laughed, I cried, and I was engaged the whole time.” 

“Kelly&Ellis invite you into their world for an event where they and the audience conspire to create an evening of joy!” 

“It was a wonderful experience! You'll leave feeling that you witnessed something special and you'll be sorry when it's over!" 

“Not only are they vocally talented, but the range of musical instruments played made it truly enjoyable.” 

“THEIR RELATIONSHIP is charming and genuine!” 

“It was like hanging out with good friends who happened to be superbly talented.” 

“Great voices, lovely finger-picking, finely crafted songs, and humor, all in one setting.”

“Kelly&Ellis are a ‘must see!’”

“Leslie's voice is at times compelling, sometimes haunting, always beautiful - and, combined with their effortless harmonies and songwriting ability, you’ll be drawn right in. The deep mutual respect, admiration and love they have for one another is a winning recipe for a musical duo.”

What Event Hosts Are Saying:

"It was an absolute pleasure having Kelly&Ellis perform at Gettysvue Polo, Golf, and Country Club. They are such a dynamic and talented duo who captivated our members and guests with their story telling and musical talents. I especially enjoyed their rendition of "Memory from CATS" and I have continued to enjoy their new hit CD The Long Road to You. This was a very special night at Gettysvue to witness two extremely talented people in such a intimate setting. We can't wait to have them back and do this again! -John McKenry, General Manager, Gettsyvue Polo, Golf and Country Club, Knoxville, TN

"We recently hosted an event featuring Kelly&Ellis, The Long Road to You for associates, friends and family and were thrilled beyond our imagination. Not only was their their world-class, musical talent captivating, their storytelling and ability to connect with the audience was genuine and touching. Whether at an upscale resort, corporate gathering or private party, Kelly&Ellis offers a unique, intimate and authentic musical experience." - Doug Roth, Market President, BB&T, Richmond VA

"Kelly&Ellis was truly a very enjoyable show.  The stories they told about their life experiences in the music/entertainment industry were interesting and funny.  Their accomplishments were impressive and their singing delightful.  They were so harmonious singing together and beautifully powerful individually.  The audience was captivated and everyone after had nothing but terrific comments praising their performance.  We are so grateful to them for such a great evening!" - Marianne Murphy, Director of Membership, The Club at Hammock Beach

“We were extremely lucky to have Kelly&Ellis perform ‘The Long Road to You’ at The Mission Inn. Their musical talent, contagious energy, and intriguing behind-the-scenes stories not only brought the crowd to its feet, it also gave us an instant reputation in the community as the place to see and experience unique entertainment events. Kelly&Ellis supplied a lifetime of stories, a set list of hit songs, and original music that seamlessly merged to create a magical musical journey.” - Wendy Collins, Owner The Mission Inn, Cape May, NJ

“We were so excited to partner with Kelly&Ellis for an event at Bristol Valley Theater! Knowing the musical pedigrees of this acoustic duo, I expected stellar musicianship and was not disappointed. Their music is wide ranging in style, from humorous country to fresh takes on Broadway and pop classics, from funky R&B flavors to the broken hearted ballads.  A bonus on this intimate evening with Kelly&Ellis was their casual and friendly onstage demeanor, the sometimes funny, sometimes touching, always down to earth stories that they shared between numbers. I genuinely felt they welcomed the audience to be a part of their story. Their musical harmonies mirror a relationship built on respect, humor, and  a love found after years of searching.” - Karin Bowersock, Artistic Director, Bristol Valley Theater, Naples, NY 
“I was entirely taken with Kelly&Ellis’ current show. Not only was their musical talent brilliant but their storytelling and comedic chemistry filled the theater with laughter and joy and brought the audience to their feet with applause and appreciation. Kelly&Ellis hit it out of the park! We are looking forward to future events with Kelly&Ellis at The Bing Crosby Theater!” - Sheryl Stone, Head of Talent and Marketing, The Bing Crosby Theater, Spokane, WA

What the Industry Is Saying

“I had expected to hear a couple of polished Nashville songwriters putting their best foot forward commercially.  Instead I experienced two people, a couple, in love and enjoying one another, doing what each of them was born to do. To sing, express and write the songs that reflect who they each are separately and together.” - Jim Messina from Loggins and Messina, Grammy® Winning Producer and Songwriter 
“They’re fun, beautiful, heartbreaking and so much more wrapped up into a collision of genres (Classic Rock, Celtic, New Orleans R&B, Contemporary Pop, Broadway) from their careers. ‘The Long Road to You’ is about their journey to find each other, to find their place; for the listeners, we finally found them.” - Brenda Hillegas, Elmore Magazine 

“[Ellis’] wit, emotive vocal control and songs are completely disarming. An acoustic act, thoughtfully and tastefully presented, but refreshingly new. Think of the music as thoughtful-meets-electrifying. I dare say it's quite possible they're Nashville’s most endearing onstage duo. Some of the best new material to come out of Nashville” - Peter Rodman, The Peter Rodman Blog/KRNW Radio in Boulder, CO 
“’The Long Road to You’ provides almost one hour and a half of pure listening pleasure. Leslie Ellis and Casey Kelly make beautiful music together." - Sheldon Harnick, Tony®, Grammy® and Academy® Award Winning Broadway Lyricist 

“‘The Long Road to You’ wraps Kelly & Ellis’ journey—a tuneful autobiography, a slice of music history and a vision of their future—in lush, guitar-rich arrangements. Were lucky to go along for the ride.” - Pat Moran, Acoustic Guitar Magazine 

“‘The Long Road to You,’ is the musical energy behind an itinerary of intimate gatherings with fans where they share their stories in humorous dialogue and delight the audiences with songs from their past and present. These shows are catching on like wildfire through social media. They’ll soothe you with songs from your past that you’ve been singing along to for years and will inspire you with their new releases, each telling a vivid story like the good songs seem to, and you might even be treated to a Broadway hit or two.” - Jodi Schwarzenbach, The Sarasota Post 

“Kelly&Ellis’ ‘The Long Road to You’ has a real purity about it.  No big production.  Just great performances, superb musicianship and terrific tunes.  It’s honest, fun and personal.” - Scotty Brink, Former Program Manager, WRKO Radio, Boston, MA